We created the website based on the concept of “minimalistic construct”. The website has a laconic design while retaining all the proper functionality. Home page has the entire assortment of the brand, 3 lines of clothing in the brand's corporate colors.

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The product section has construct properties. The user can choose to buy the whole suit or buy each item separately. He can also combine colors if desired. Based on the brand concept, the site is equipped with criteria for choosing individual parameters, and also has the functionality of supporting buyers in their choice through the “Ask a question” function.

01 / product page
An individual approach is the basis of our work. Each site has an individual selection of functionality. The work of the site is optimized based on the wishes of the client. We always advise on the best ways to implement the client's wishes.
Each design is a unique expression of the brand. It combines perfect functionality and personal design.

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